The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), with the financial support of the Korea Poverty Reduction Fund, has launched the KLSP Scholarship Program. This is an initiative aimed exclusively at public officials from 22 Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Quality public management is a powerful tool for generating further development. Dynamic civil servants with the skills necessary to design, implement and evaluate successful public policies are essential for attaining this goal.


The Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region faces significant institutional development challenges which hinder them from attaining the goal of more effective and efficient governments. These challenges are even more complex for the region’s smaller countries due to the structural constraints that limit their markets and increase their vulnerability to external shocks, as well as their more limited levels of economic and social development. One of the main institutional-development challenges these countries face is the limited availability of professionals required to design, implement and evaluate public policies.

The Republic of Korea represents a model in terms of institutional development and a successful experience in attaining a highly qualified public sector workforce. Noteworthy achievements include its professional civil service and a higher-education system designed to create a set of skills consistent with the public officer profile required by its key public institutions. A long history of Korea-LAC cooperation, through activities supported by the IDB over the last decade, constitutes a favourable environment for smaller LAC countries to learn from Korea’s progress in improving its public-sector human capital to promote economic and social development.


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The scholarship program aims to strengthen LAC and Caribbean countries’ public sector workforces by improving targeted skills of mid-level public officials in the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies.

The specific objectives include: improving the analytical and managerial skills of mid-level public officials, and facilitating an ongoing dialogue among public officials from B, C and D countries in the LAC and the Caribbean region with representatives from Korean institutions and academia.

In order to attain these goals, a group of public officials from Latin America and the Caribbean will receive a full scholarship to study a Master’s Degree Program in Public Management in Korea, conducted in English and 18 months in length.


Each KLSP scholarship will include (within a period no longer than 18 months):

  • A roundtrip economy-class air ticket (to and from Korea)
  • Full cost of study (tuition)
  • Accommodation
  • Allowance for living expenses
  • Educational materials
  • Health insurance
KLSP scholars will also be offered the opportunity to participate in an internship or research assistance at relevant institutions in Korea.

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